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Just like many of us here in Ohio... During the warm months of the year we like to get out, stretch our legs and enjoy the weather. Our focus then tends to be on outdoor services including those pictured below. 

From simple to full custom. Your only limitation is budget and imagination. We will present you with designs (for decks), then make any necessary changes to them. Once we have and accepted proposal and design we can start building.

Check out our outdoor project gallery at the bottom of the page. 

Thank you for your patronage and consideration.

Custom composite decks. From simple to complex. A2 Quality Home Improvement, (937) 581-6815


Custom deck and roof extension. A2 Quality Home Improvement, (937) 581-6815

Roof Extensions

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Railing for your support. A2 Quality Home Improvement, (937) 581-6815


Columns and post keep our awnings, coverings, and roof extensions supported. A2 Quality Home Improvement, (937) 581-6815

Columns, Posts & Wraps

Installation of custom or kit pergolas. A2 Quality Home Improvement, (937) 581-6815


Kits to custom, resting under a pavilion is a great way to spend the day.A2 Quality Home Improvement, (937) 581-6815